Review of Past Posts

I am always learning new things and having my opinion changed as I read more and discover. So I think it would be good to go over all my past posts and give an update if my opinion of any of them have changed.

Morguard Corporation (TSE:MRC)

In this post I talked about investing in companies that are buy back their stock at a discount to net asset value. This is still a favourite investing strategy for me, though I am now pivoting more towards dividends to reach my financial goals, so I no longer own TSE:MRC, but now own it’s child REIT TSE:MRT.UN.

Closed End Fund Privitization (TSE:CGI)

This posted talked about the closed-end fund Canadian General Investments. Although I still like this stock in general I don’t own it right now.

Making minimum wage (TSE:SRV.UN)

I got lucky with this one, I sold it at a profit not too long after I made the blog post. I have missed the absolute cratering in stock price this has gone through recently.  It’s on my radar as I think it has fallen much farther than is warranted, but I don’t own it right now.  Might be worth a future blog post.

Double Discount (TSE:EVT)

Not all closed-end funds are created equal and I did not pay attention to the tax considerations when I originally looked at this stock. The previous closed-end fund I talked about, Canadian General Investments, has a unique grand-fathered in tax advantage of being able to pay out capital gains in the form of capital gains dividends to holders making this a very tax efficient investment in a RRSP or TFSA as no tax is payed at the fund level.  That is not the case with Economic Investment Trust, it does pay capital gains on it’s portfolio.  I will probably make a whole new post just looking at this.

Digging for Dividends

In this post I took at look at all the high paying dividend stocks on the TSE at the time. In particular I looked at Alaris Royalty (TSE:AD). I ended up buying this stock and selling it at a profit, but no longer own it.

Be Cooperative

Here I deviated from my normal look at the stock market and looked for investment opportunities in Ontario based Co-operatives.  I am still an investor in Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario, but have not invested in any others. It has been doing fairly well.

That is all for this post, I will continue the review in a follow up post.

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