Review of Past Posts #2

This is a continuation of my previous post Review of Past Posts.  I thought I would go through all the past posts I have made to see if my thinking on them has changed.

Hammond Manufacturing AGM (TSE:HMM.A)

Hammond Manufacturing is the first company that I went to go participate in their Annual General Meeting. I enjoyed going and plan on going to at least two more annual meetings this year.  I will of course make a blog post to report on what I see. In terms of an investment, Hammond continues to earn lots of money and have a large book value to stock price. The dividend though is low and I get the feeling while they did double it right after I made the post, I don’t think it will grow too quickly moving forward. Due to the low dividend it doesn’t fit my new financial goals really well. I have sold half my position but am keeping the rest for the long term.

My Investment Philosophy

Here I talked about what general / high level rules I follow when looking for investments. Although I still believe everything in this post my financial goals have changed and am now looking mostly for investments with high dividend income that I like and plan to hold for the long term.

Preferred Savings

In this post I brought up the idea of using preferred shares for keeping savings in instead of the usual high interest savings account / GIC. Although this is still a practical idea, I will likely direct any extra savings towards my mortgage instead as I own a house now.

Request: Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc.

I posted this one based on a request. Looking at the price history on this stock, it’s taken quite a dive since this article was posted. There has been a general bust in the agricultural space which I think has mostly been caused by the trade war between the U.S.A. and China. At this point it’s probably a good investment, but I have not looked into it yet.

The Jackman Family Empire

This is my most popular post by far according to page views. I think it has as many views as all my other posts combined. I think this is due to it showing up fairly high on the list of google results for “jackman family”. Of the family of stocks talked about in this post the only one I hold right now is Algoma Central (TSE:ALC) as it pays the highest dividend rate.  All the other stocks are likely good investments, but I am more luke-warm on TSE:EVT and TSE:UNC due to now realizing the tax drag these investments have.

Done with Dundee

As the title says, I have moved on from TSE:DC.A and have not looked back. I saw a good quote somewhere about Dundee and it went something like this: “It doesn’t matter if a stock offers you certain assets at a discount if you don’t actually like those assets”. That is definitely true and I will pay more attention to that in the future.

Grabbing a slice of dividends (TSE:PZA)

I made money on this one selling TSE:PZA at a profit. It looks like since then the price has been a fairly stable constant. It’s probably still a good investment, but the worry is that it currently pays out a bit more in dividends than it earns.

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